Philosophy and Objectives of the College


Philosophy of the College

To assamble and preserve the heritage of Osteopathy, to give a complete training to health care professionals based on practice and "know-how".

Our objectives are:

  1.     Quality training to allow students to become complete practitioners, who are effective and safe.

  2.     To convey the knowledge, "know-how" and the means to obtain an appropriate palpation for each kind of tissue. To identify the different rhythms in order to respond to the needs of each part of the organism.

  3. To offer opportunities for students to learn in the best possible way, by developing the expression of their potential.

  4. To promote a philosophy of the Human Being, based on the respect of each individual from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, regardless of his religion, culture or choices.

  5. To encourage research that will allow an understanding of the physiological mechanisms that make us unique as functional unit; to relieve suffering and to develop in the student the objectivity, intuition and creativity, that is necessary for their future profession.

  6. To instil the sense of tradition and research.

  7. To encourage graduates to become teachers and pass on the tradition in their turn.

Each college within the Canadian Traditional Osteopathic Colleges Association, opens its doors to other international osteopathic institutions and its professors who wish to share their knowledge.

The different colleges maintain relations with several universities and hospital departments.


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Welcome to the Swiss International College of Osteopathy

The objective of this page is to inform you of the nature and effectiveness of osteopathic manual practice and the quality of our training.

The success of our program resides in the availability of our teaching staff and their commitment to the growth of each student, in terms of the quality of their palpation and competence.

We encourage you to pursue our fascinating studies, which will offer you many answers and solutions to your patient‘s problems.

Life at the SICO is dynamic and offers students numerous advantages to facilitate learning. We are proud of the warm and mutually supportive environment that prevails within the schools.

We sincerely wish you success in your academic and professional endeavours. It will be our pleasure to welcome all of you who are interested in pursuing a complete course of study in osteopathy.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

Philippe Druelle, D.O.                                     Sandra Bartu, D.O.

President CEO, Founder SICO                            Founder SICO