Philosophy and Objectives of the College


The advantages offered to our students

Several services are available to facilitate your studies and offer unique:

  1. Clinical days with the possibility to gain "hands on" experience with patients;

  2. Review days, aimed at improving integration of theory and practice between courses (optional, but very appreciated by those who attend);

  3. Reference library;

  4. DVD library of regular, post-graduates courses and symposiums;

  5. Secretarial staff ready to answer your questions and needs;

  6. Possibility to attend, at no extra cost, regular courses given in another affiliated
    College (if a scheduling conflict should occur);

  7. Possibility to attend a previously taken regular seminar, without charge, if you wish to attend a post-graduate seminar for a second time, you benefit from a 50% discount off the regular price;

  8. Website it is an interactive and dynamic site where there is always something happening;

  9. The certificate of the past final examination of the SICO will enable you for further study;

  10. Affordable housing provided in the institution where the courses are given


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