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The professors are chosen according to the highest standards of academic competency and pedagogy. All possess a thesis of Osteopathy either in the domain of clinical research or fundamental, sociological, philosophical research. Each professor has several years of clinical experience and therefore can convey to the students valuable and practical information about patient treatment.

For the teaching of the basic "Health Sciences" the professors are qualified osteopaths, hospital doctors or university professors.

Vocation of the professorial team:
Our teaching is based on having each professor available to the students so they can progress in their palpation, clinical experience and their capacity to apply the various therapeutic methods.

Objectives and course plan:
The courses focus on palpation and on the practice of the various therapeutic methods.
The subject matter of each course is presented in the context of being part of whole and interdependent organism. The professor establishes interrelationships between different systems and how it relates to the area being studied.

Each course consists of:

  1. A lecture addressing the normal functional anatomy and physiology in relation to the part of the body being studied. An analysis of related biomechanics and kinesiology;

  2. How to evaluate and examine a patient using successive steps. The student learns to build a treatment plan based on the practical test results;

  3. Practice of different therapeutic methods. The professor explains the protocol leading to the successful completion of a technique, describes precisely how to adapt the palpation to dialogue with the tissues and transmits the know-how to deliver the correct therapeutic act. This is an extremely important point and represents one of the unique strengths of our College.

At each seminar you will receive a synopsis of the material presented as well as clinical methodology corresponding to the year of study.


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Professorial Staff

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