Philosophy and Objectives of the College


Clinical Training

General objectives:
Teaches students how to conduct a consultation according to the specificity of Osteopathy. The pedagogical goal of this training is to familiarise the students with the consultation protocol, and to realise appropriate treatment for each individual based on their demands and the necessity of the organism.

Particular objectives:

  1. develop a quality of presence and contact with a patient;

  2. develop a sense of ethics;

  3. foster the capacity to detect an emergency and do a referral when necessary;

  4. acquire a methodology to question the patients, assess them, palpate the different tissue fields and effectively do all the necessary tests in Osteopathy;

  5. know how to value or prioritise the symptoms and clinical signs as well as clinical findings to build a treatment plan adapted to the condition of each particular patient;

  6. know how to effectively treat a patient using all the therapeutic resources of Osteopathy available in each field;

  7. know how to verify one's work and establish a prognosis;

  8. know how to provide general life hygiene advises or tips;

  9. accomplish various administrative tasks. (appointments, files, etc.)

At the end of the training, students must undergo a practical exam evaluating their capacity to accomplish these different steps.


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Clinical Training

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