Philosophy and Objectives of the College


Why choose our College?

  1. you will receive a complete training based on Tradition;

  2. you will attend an institution where research plays a very important role;

  3. you will learn a program that is recognised by the Healthinsurances in Switzerland and the Canadian Traditional Osteopathic Colleges Association;

  4. you will be trained by a highly qualified professorial staff;

  5. you have access to post-graduate continuing education on a variety of subjects;

  6. you benefit from a unique education support system;

  7. you have access to training abroad;

  8. you will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge on real life patients thanks to the external clinic;

  9. you can participate in an active and dynamic student life;

  10. you will be part of a well respected and appreciated institution;

  11. you can become a qualified osteopathic teacher and be involved in exciting events. Quality training to allow students to become complete practitioners, who are effective and safe.


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Why choose SICO